An intro and some background info

An intro and some background info

Here is an intro I made a few weeks ago. I had allot of questions how this was made so I made a post about it. The intro is made in Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas.

  • The text, BG, meteor and flametrail in Cinema 4D.
  • The flares, glow and first layer color corection in Adobe After Effects.
  • Added sounds and second layer of color corection in Sony Vegas.

The flame trail is made using thinking particales and pyrocluster. I started with a null object and added a Xpresso node added a P-storm and linked it with the null object matrix position would be the same. then I created the meteor with a simple sphere and just moving some poly’s around. I placed the null object under the meteor so it would follow it. then I changed some settings in the P-storm node and added things like drag, gravity and velocity from motion, until I could have a nice stream of particales. I added Pyrocluster. last I used a boole object to fade the text in and that is all the Cinema 4D work.

Starting in Adobe After Effects I added glow and a curves adjustment for extra contrast. this made the trail look like fire. I tracked the meteor and added a lens-flare on top to lighten it up even more. Last I created some additional lens flares on the side of the screen and over the text.

Last step, brought the final footage in Sony Vegas and added in a color wheel to change the color from orange to red and also some extra contrast again. then started to add some sounds from the pro-scores colection from VideoCopilot some drums, hard hits and some nice scratching wierd sound. Voilá there you are a awesome intro.

Hope this gave you some background information to inspire you, the find a way to solve your problem or just to know how other people do things.

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