Halo 4

Halo 4

  • Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Release: Summer 2012

A new trilogy, new developer and a new approach. Games TM sits down with 343 Industries’ Frank O’ Connor to discuss how his team is putting its own stamp on the Xbox’s mosy iconic franchise.

Halo 4 will deliver anything substantially different from what whcih has come before, but 343 has been rather calculating in the ways it’s attempted to re-establish the Master Chief and the world he inhabits. “The Anniversary Terminals (In halo Anniversary) definetly allowed for some serious setup. The last four or five Halo novels published till now have been painting Halo 4 pretty deeply from the ground up.

It’s not been an easy ride, though Halo 3 ended a trilogy and brought an expansive storyline to a reasonable comfortable conclusion. The Flood was stopped, the Halo rings failed to fire (which would have destroyed all sentient life) and the Master Chief was left, along with Cortana to drift through the vestiges of space. An uneasy alliance was made between the humans and the races of the Convenant and without restarting and reopening old wounds, it was unclear just where Halo 4 could go. But, that was before Frank O’Connor and Greg Bear announced the Forerunner Saga – a series of books, starting with Halo: Cryptum, that would expose the advanced alien race that built the Halo rings and first combated the Flood, 100.000 years before the events of Combat Evolved.

Connor doesn’t confirm the Forerunners as the main antagonists of Halo 4, but it makes an awful lot of sense to consider them. 343 needs a new galaxy-threatening species, and the alien race that started it all – one that’s already something of an originator species for all the life in the galaxy – seems like a logical choice. For O’Connor Halo 4 has everything fans want and more.

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