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Call of Duty: BLACK OPS



We hope you’re ready for another exciting Call of Duty experience!

The Call of Duty: Black Ops single-player campaign offers a deep and complex storyline which takes place between the events of World at War and Modern Warfare. A direct sequel to World at War, the Black Ops story takes you across the globe as you fight with special operative teams in Cuba, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union.

Because Call of Duty: Black Ops features such an intense story, we’ve been extra careful to avoid any spoilers in either the training chapter of the campaign walkthrough. Feel free to use these chapters if you get stuck, need some tips, or want to track you Intel and game progress without spoiling your experience.

When you’ve completed the campaign, check out the Secrets chapter for full reveals of the plethora of unlockable extras available to you. The Secrets chapter does contain story spoilers, so save it for after you complete the single-player campaign in order to enjoy its compelling plot fully.

If this is your first Call of Duty game, we’ve got you covered. Start with the Specialized Training chapter, and we’ll tell you everything you need to survive, even on the harder difficulties.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING – General tips & tricks

This section of the guide is spoiler-free, and it’s primarily aimed at player new to Call of Duty franchise, or player who want a refresher on game basics. Here we cover basic tactics that can help you survive any tactical scenario in the field. 

The Bare Basics

Call of Duty: Black Ops, like all other Call of Duty games, is a first-person shooter (FPS). This means you play most of the game looking trough the eyes of the main character as he fights his way trough the campaign’s many scenarios.

This sections of the guide is for users new to first-person shooters, or those who haven’t played an FPS in a few years.


Throughout  the guide, we refer to the basic controls by the official name of the command (Fire, Aim Down Sight, Melee, Interact etc.). To determine which controls are bound to which buttons on your system of choice, refer to your usermanual of the game’s Options Menu.

The game doesn’t have an official tutorial, but the onscreen prompts found throughout should give you hints on how to handle any new situations.

Basic Loadout

in the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign, you can carry two weapons (no matter how large the weapons are) and two grande types. Within the campaign, you don’t get to pick the types of grenades you carry, but the tactical grandees are tailored to each missions.

You also carry a knife that you can deploy at any time via the Melee button. Some campaign sequences introduce you to special weapons beyond the primary and secondary weapons in your layout.

Firing from the Hip

When you equip a firearm in Call of Duty: Black Ops, a crosshair appears in the middle of the screen. This crosshair represents the spread of your weapon if you :fire from the hip,” which means simply to shoot your gun without targeting it.

While girding from the hip is less accurate than aiming down the sights, and it’s generally not the best way to kill enemies, it does have its purpose. Short-range guns like SMGs and shotguns actually work quite well firing from the hip. If an enemy surprises you at close range, it’s much better to fire from the hip rather than careful try to aim.

The only way you should never fire from the hip is when you are equipped with the a sniper rifle or rifle. These weapons are completely inaccurate from the hip, and it’s better to switch to you alternate weapon rather than try for a blind rifle shot.

Aim Down Sight

Most of the time, you should fire your weapon while holding the Aim Down Sight button. This gives you a realistic view of your weapon as you character’s eye lines up with its sights.

As mentioned in the previous sections, Aiming Down Sight is generally not necessary for short-range weapons, but doing so can increase the range and accuracy of SMGs and shotguns.

Aiming Down Sight automatically triggers sniper mode if you’re using a weapon with a long-range sight, like a Dragonov sniper rifle.


Cover is a vital concept in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and we refer to finding cover frequently in the walkthrough. Cover is simply any obstacle that you can put between yourself and the enemies to get some level of protection form their incoming fire.

Whenever you encounter enemies, you should try to find and move to cover before returning fire on the enemies. Trying to take them down in the open frequently results in death on the hater difficulty settings.

That’s it for now folks! I will post the second part soon.


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